Intervention: When Your Family Blames You For Your Rape, Wishes You'd Die Already

On last night's episode, Amy—a twentysomething anorexic/self-mutilator/alcoholic—was having difficulty dealing with her family. They're "fed up" with her "attention seeking"—her sister thinks Amy's date rape was her own fault, and her father secretly wishes she'd kill herself. »12/29/09 12:00pm12/29/09 12:00pm

Mother/Daughter Conflict + Bad Brain Chemistry = Self-Mutilation

Did you hate your mom as a teenager? Who didn't! But a negative relationship between mothers and daughters taken in tandem with low serotonin levels could lead to cutting and other self-harm, a new study shows. Fraught mother/daughter dealings alone generally do not inspire cutting, says study co-author, University of… »3/07/08 9:30am3/07/08 9:30am