TSA Confiscates Cupcake Due To Potentially Dangerous Icing

If you're planning to fly this week, don't even think about packing a dessert to make the trip less hellish. Rebecca Hains says that last week a TSA agent at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas seized her red velvet cupcake, which was baked inside an 8 ounce jar. "He explained to me that the frosting constitutes … » 12/26/11 9:02pm 12/26/11 9:02pm

TSA Horror Stories Remain In Wake Of Nonexistent Citizen Uprising

There were no major junk-touching skirmishes reported from airports this Thanksgiving travel weekend. But that doesn't mean the pushback is over, not with resurgent reports of young mothers and menstruating women, among others, grabbing headlines. » 11/29/10 10:04am 11/29/10 10:04am