Retiring NARAL President Worried Young Women Don't Care Enough About Their Rights

Nancy Keenan has been the President of the country's oldest abortion rights organization since 2004 and yesterday, she announced that at the end of the year, she'll be stepping down. At 60, she's concerned that the sun is setting on her generation of women's rights leaders, that it's time to hand the reins over to the… »5/11/12 5:40pm5/11/12 5:40pm

"Do Good Feminists Bake Cupcakes?" Yes, And They Often Do So Unironically

Today's Guardian »8/22/08 1:00pm8/22/08 1:00pm the new movement of ironic 1950s Domesticity that's sweeping England. To Americans accustomed to the rash of books, knitting clubs, the pastel oceans of cupcakes sweeping our city's streets and tongue-in-cheek hostessing like Amy Sedaris's , this will sound familiar. The article details the flights…

Ms. Matriarch To Daughter: "When Push Comes To Shove [Why] Can't You Vote For A Woman?"

Hey guys, guess what we're going to talk about again? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, race and gender! Today, the issue is brought to us by Ms. co-founder Letty Cottin Pogrebin and her daughter Abigail (pictured), who duke it out over on PBS because Letty can't understand why her daughter is for Obama. To Letty, "the… »3/12/08 4:40pm3/12/08 4:40pm