Voting For The Less Cute Candidate Is, Like, Against the Rules of Feminism

Congressman Sean Duffy, or as you may know him, Lumberjack Sean from The Real World: Boston is up for reelection in Wisconsin's 7th district. To aid his cause, a conservative group called Young Guns (LOL @ "young") is running a radio ad in Northern Wisconsin urging lady voters to leave the decisionmaking up to the… »10/31/12 10:01am10/31/12 10:01am


Former Real World Star/Congressman Disgusted That Rape 'Being Used as Political Football'

Know what's horrible? Rape. Know what's even worse than rape? When Democrats point out that Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin's kooky views aren't that far from the GOP mainstream. Just ask Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy, who has finally shown us what happens Congressmen stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World:… »8/30/12 3:20pm8/30/12 3:20pm