Why Is CNN Making These Gentle, Lovely, Entirely Free Campaign Ads for the GOP Candidates?

CNN, for reasons known only to them and their makers, is hosting a series of “town halls” this week with the remaining three GOP candidates and their families. The Trump edition aired last night: it featured gentle questions from Anderson Cooper and a loving, adulatory audience. It was fucking gross. This whole…


What Was Anyone Thinking Letting Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton Joke About 'Colored People Time'?

The conservative Internet is convulsing over a clip of Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio making an awkward joke about the mayor running late because he was on “colored people time.” Someone wrote that joke for him to perform. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

Is Hillary Clinton Part of the 'Establishment'? Hillary: 'I Don't Understand What That Means'

Like the stodgiest rappers on Earth arguing about who’s more legit, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been engaged this week in a slow-motion beef over who, precisely, belongs to the “political establishment.” You may be surprised to learn Hillary Clinton does not think seem to think she is in that club.