Whatever Happened To The "Comedy Of Equals"?

Good news for lady-helmed comedies! Baby Mama raked in over $18 million this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo, beating out Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay by about $4 million. I asked a friend who works in the film industry, and he says that while $18 mil is a definite hit, it remains to be seen… » 4/28/08 1:30pm 4/28/08 1:30pm

Does The Female "Buddy" Movie Exist?

A reader pointed us to a blog called xkcd, where the poster asks, "Quick, name a few recent popular movies where the two top-billed stars are female." Does your mind go blank? Hollywood loves a buddy movie, but when it comes to women, they're usually love interests, or looking for love interests. Especially recently. Of… » 4/23/08 6:00pm 4/23/08 6:00pm

Women In Hollywood Speak Out On Women In Hollywood

Today, Salon has the transcript of a roundtable discussion between a group of the most powerful women in Hollywood. The panel was moderated by producer Lynda Obst (Contact, Sleepless in Seattle). Included in the conversation were (among others) writer/director Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally), writer/producer Laura… » 10/11/07 1:00pm 10/11/07 1:00pm