SciAm Apologizes for Deleting Blogger's Post on Being Called a 'Whore'

Danielle N. Lee, Ph.D., has blogged for Scientific American for over two years. Her blog, called "The Urban Scientist," focuses on "sharing science to general audiences, particularly under-served groups, via outdoor programming and social media." When she took to her blog to write about a sexist email she'd… » 10/13/13 3:45pm 10/13/13 3:45pm

Scientists Create Computer That Can Comprehend "Beauty"

Scientists at Tel Aviv University claim to have created a computer program that can recognize human attractiveness. Here's what they did: they had thirty men and women look at 100 images of young, white women and judge the "beauty" of each image. Then, according to EurekAlert, "Based on human preferences, the machine… » 4/04/08 3:20pm 4/04/08 3:20pm

The Celebrity-Sartorial Complex Is The New Military-Industrial Complex

Apparently "Jezebel" isn't a word associated only with the Bible, Southern whores, "tragic mulattos", contemporary music or, uh, girly celeb/fashion blogs: It's also totally about building bombs! According to a recruitment notice that appeared in Scientific American in 1956, "Jezebel" was the name given to a bare… » 6/21/07 11:00am 6/21/07 11:00am