Tampons and Maxi Pads Banned From Texas Senate (But Guns Are Cool)

The Texas Senate is apparently afraid that erratic, hormonal demon-women will wave their bloody tampons about during today's floor meeting to take a final vote on anti-abortion bills HB2 and SB1, which would make it next to impossible for most Texas women to get safe abortions. Concealed handgun carriers, on the… »7/12/13 4:40pm7/12/13 4:40pm


Special Deal for Texas Ladies: Cheap 'n Easy Flea Market Abortions

The Texas House of Representatives recently voted to pass the notoriously godawful legislation that would close most, if not all, the abortion clinics in the state. Don't fret, Texas gals: you can still get abortion pills at your local flea market! Who needs safe and legal healthcare when you can get taken advantage… »7/11/13 11:30am7/11/13 11:30am

Texas House Approves Dangerous Bill to Virtually Ban Abortion

The Texas House of Representatives just voted to pass the crap legislation that will basically end access to safe and legal abortion in the state and and close all but five abortion clinics in the state of over 26 million people. A state where an estimated 130,000 women are already going without basic, preventive… »7/09/13 10:30pm7/09/13 10:30pm

Hell Yeah: Texas Woman Lays Into Legislators at Abortion Bill Hearing

As testimony for and against the Texas abortion bill continues, we have a new contender for most badass speech yet. Meet Texas resident Sarah Slamen, the soon-t0-be New Yorker brilliantly calls out her state's legislators, thanking them for finally doing their bullshit dirty work in the public eye for everyone to… »7/09/13 10:10pm7/09/13 10:10pm