A-Rod, Madonna & Lenny Kravitz: What The Hell Is Going On?

  • Okay, let's start here: Before Madonna, Yankee Alex Rodriguez was into a stripper named Monique. [Page Six]
  • Now, amid rumors that A-Rod is seeing Madonna, comes news that A-Rod's wife is seeing Lenny Kravitz - who used to date Madonna. Did you know that Leonard co-wrote "Justify My Love"? In any case, this stuff is…
  • »7/03/08 9:00am7/03/08 9:00am

Daniel Craig Injured, In Need Of Some (Medical) Attention

  • Medic! Daniel Craig sliced his fingertip off while filming the new James Bond movie. Last week he cut his face and needed eight stitches. The man suffers for his art, you guys. [Mirror]
  • Did a psychic help Angelina and Brad design a nursery for the twins??? Apparently someone was hired to determine the "vibe" of the…
  • »6/11/08 9:00am6/11/08 9:00am

National Board Of Review: The Stars Came Out, The Fab Fashions Did Not

The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures held its annual awards show last night. Yup: An actual awards show not stopped by the writer's strike! And not only did legitimate celebrities actually show up, Diablo Cody won for Best Original Screenplay for Juno and Ellen Page won Best Breakout Performance by an… »1/16/08 11:00am1/16/08 11:00am