How 'Jane' Virgin Sarah DiMuro Does Not Want To Lose Her Virginity

So did you check out 'Modern Love' in the New York Times over the weekend? The one with the 25-year-old virgin who works at an abortion clinic and gets jealous when her friends have pregnancy scares? Because she feels like a lack of sex, although not a big deal, is a really big deal? That is trapping her in childhood… »6/25/07 6:43pm6/25/07 6:43pm


Moe's Date With 'Jane' Magazine's Virginal Dating Blogger Sarah DiMuro

Last Thursday I had a date with Sarah DiMuro, the 30 year old virgin-on-hiatus from her role as the Jane Magazine 30 year old virgin. We didn't have sex, though she gave me a hug (I think I initiated it) but she's not the kind of girl you really want to hug, not because she isn't warm and genuine, but because she's… »6/05/07 4:43pm6/05/07 4:43pm

"Amazing Girls" Profiled In 'Times' Way Too Self-Actualized, Unmaterialistic For Selective Schools

We will save you the inevitable reading of yesterday's profoundly pointless Times story on the amazing girls of Newton, Mass who get rejection letters — inevitable because the customer base for this story, which is to say, overcapitalized parents whose willingness to do fucking anything to get their kids into an ever… »4/02/07 10:14am4/02/07 10:14am