Are Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson Getting Married?

  • "I haven't heard anything (about an upcoming wedding) from Lindsay, but if she was marrying Sam, I don't think she'd ask me to walk her down the aisle. She knows about my (Christian) faith … she just wouldn't ask. I want her to be happy and healthy and stay on the right path. If I discuss (her relationship), I say…
  • » 8/05/08 9:00am 8/05/08 9:00am

Madonna Gave It To Justin Timberlake In The Ass

  • While Justin Timberlake was working with Madonna on her album, Madge offered JT a B-12 shot. "She proceeds to pull a Ziploc bag of B-12 syringes out [of her purse] and says, 'Drop 'em.' I don't know what you say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants," Justin says. "She gave me a shot in my ass and looks at me…
  • » 3/11/08 9:00am 3/11/08 9:00am