Slain Sandy Hook Principal Was Devoted To Keeping Kids Safe, Say Administrators

Dawn Hochsprung, 47, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, was apparently one of the faculty members to immediately run toward the sounds of gunfire (along with school psychologist Mary Sherlach, who was also killed). This morning, two colleagues who had worked with her before she took the post in Newtown, Mark… »12/15/12 3:00pm12/15/12 3:00pm

Roger Ebert Calls Out the Media For Glorifying School Shootings

Much of the grieving nation is up in arms about the number of major media gaffes and indiscretions regarding yesterday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Interviewing students as young as second grade who had just been reunited with their parents, for instance. Not to mention the… »12/15/12 1:15pm12/15/12 1:15pm