Harvard Freezer Malfunction Destroys Dozens of Brains, Sets Back Autism Research by Years

As advanced as we've gotten with our scientific and technological skills, it seems as we can still be brought down by the simplest of errors. That's what happened recently at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, where they experienced a freezer malfunction that has defrosted 150 brains. »6/11/12 8:45pm6/11/12 8:45pm


Devilishly Clever Ad Distributes Free Cake Samples to Passersby

There have been some strange ad innovations popping up at bus stops in London recently. First came the icky-sounding smell-vertising that emitted the scent of a baked potato to induce cravings in hungry commuters, and now there's a new innovation—though this one sounds more promising because it involves actual cake.… »3/14/12 11:55pm3/14/12 11:55pm

Scary New Machine Scans Your Face And Decides Whether To Give You A Treat

If you're one of those people who can make a meal of walking around the grocery store snagging free samples, there's a new machine that is poised to ruin your dinner for the foreseeable future. It's a robot called the "iSample Experience" that was developed by Kraft Foods, in conjunction with Intel Corp., and it is… »12/28/11 5:00pm12/28/11 5:00pm