Egyptian Court Clears Awful ‘Virginity Test’ Doctor

The BBC is reporting via Egyptian state media that a military court — because those are always conducted by the most fair-minded citizens — has cleared a doctor named Ahmed Adel of charges that he carried out "forced virginity tests" on female protesters at the start of last year's civil unrest in Egypt after a judge… »3/11/12 1:30pm3/11/12 1:30pm


Egypt Reduces Charges Against Doctor Who Performed Virginity Tests

Last week Egypt banned the use of so-called "virginity tests" in military prisons, but it isn't exactly cracking down on those who are accused of performing them. In fact, the charges against Dr. Ahmed Adil al-Mogy, a military doctor accused of performing the tests on female detainees, have been reduced from serious… »1/04/12 11:09pm1/04/12 11:09pm

Woman Sues Egyptian Military For Administering 'Virginity Tests'

Even after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, there were reports of at least 18 female protesters being subjected to so-called "virginity tests" by military authorities. One official explained that they had to make sure the women had already had sex, because otherwise they could have accused the officers… »10/24/11 11:51pm10/24/11 11:51pm