The Anti-Woman Daily Mail Article All of Your Smug Facebook Friends Are Sharing

Alex Peek, a rich, stay-at-home mother of two doesn't want a third baby because it will put a cramp in the plans she had for her first two children. And, at 38, she really really doesn't want to face another sleepless spell with a newborn. She won't get an abortion ("obviously," she explains, but fails to elaborate),… »10/02/13 10:03pm10/02/13 10:03pm


Ann Curry Asks Samantha Brick: 'Are You Serious?'

While most other people are taking Samantha Brick to task on the internet, Ann Curry is a bitch right to her face (via satellite). Curry cut all the bullshit when interviewing her this morning on Today. Her first question for Brick—who said that other women hate her for being beautiful in a now infamous Daily Mail »4/06/12 3:30pm4/06/12 3:30pm

Samantha Brick Explains She's Hot Compared to the Old French Hags She Rolls With

Samantha Brick, the woman who wrote about how being so beautiful has been both a blessing and a curse, was on a British morning talk show today to defend herself against the the shit storm she's encountered in the two days since her Daily Mail piece was published. Weirdly, during the entire 10-minute interview,… »4/05/12 4:15pm4/05/12 4:15pm

Barbara Walters Calls Out 'Too Pretty' Samantha Brick for Being Fugs

Today, The View panel opined on the much-discussed Daily Mail article by Samantha Brick about how her life is so awesome and she gets things for free because she's so beautiful. It would seem that Barbara Walters has taken the bait and decided to pile on to the criticism of Brick—not because of her bullshit article,… »4/04/12 2:45pm4/04/12 2:45pm