All the Worst Parts of This Article on Sex and Wearing a Push-Up Bra

On Monday, Salon published a piece by Tammy Delatorre entitled "Dating in a push-up bra." There's not much to say about it that can't be gleaned from reading the piece, except to say that it's unfortunate it didn't get a spot in the just-published Worst in Sex writing for 2013. » 12/02/13 2:10pm 12/02/13 2:10pm

Advice Columnist Is Sorry for Making a Stink About Gendered Pronouns

On Monday, Salon published a letter sent to the man, Cary Tennis, who writes their advice column. The letter was from a reader who was upset because his or her husband or wife had been having an affair with someone from their office. Cary felt for them, but he didn't feel for the way they didn't mention the gender of… » 6/28/13 1:00pm 6/28/13 1:00pm

How Many Awful Euphemisms for ‘Penis’ Can One Magazine Invent?

The answer, according to former Playgirl editor Jessanne Collins in her new e-book How to Be a Playgirl, is a lot, more than there are stars in our galaxy. Basically, anything with a vaguely cylindrical shape can be repurposed as a dick euphemism, although Playgirl newbies were apparently handed a 13-page thesaurus… » 6/16/13 2:00pm 6/16/13 2:00pm

FBI Works With Cruise Lines to Bury Reports of Rapes at Sea

Our mental images of cruises usually involve lots of sundecks and cocktails and endless buffets of food, but the reality is that cruise ships are basically floating cities in which all kinds of ugly things happen—including rape. In fact, rape aboard these vessels was such a problem that Congress passed a bill to… » 6/26/12 12:00pm 6/26/12 12:00pm

In the Future, A Robot Will Wash Your Hair

Panasonic has developed this fancy shampooing robot that uses 24 "finger-like tips" to wash and condition your hair, give you a scalp massage, and then dry your hair. It looks a little wacky, but actually seems to be pretty effective—and it supposedly even works on people with long hair. For now, it's intended… » 5/01/12 10:00pm 5/01/12 10:00pm

Mad Men's Matthew Weiner Forced to Reveal a Season Premiere Secret

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is notoriously tight-lipped about his show, and that's never been more true than for the highly anticipated season five premiere this Sunday. He's barely let anything slip, and we've all been on the edge of our seats wanting to know something—anything!—about what's in store for us. (We » 3/20/12 9:45pm 3/20/12 9:45pm

Salon's Broadsheet Sadly Shuttered

Salon's Broadsheet has been shut down. Staff writer Tracy Clark-Flory says an official "announcement/explanation" can be expected tomorrow. We don't know what's sadder: That another women's interest site bit the dust or that no one noticed until two weeks later. » 1/06/11 7:20pm 1/06/11 7:20pm

Dear John: Being A Military Spouse Is Really Hard

Dear John, the latest Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, is the story of romance patriotism and the conflicts of love and country. The real-life version, one woman tells Salon, was a very different matter: » 2/01/10 2:20pm 2/01/10 2:20pm

Comedy Call-Out

"Look at the comments section of any Jezebel post...You see young women falling over themselves to get in their two cents about what they think is sexist and what isn't. I think that's great." -comedian/writer Julie Klausner, to Salon. [Salon] » 2/01/10 11:30am 2/01/10 11:30am

Writer Wonders Why Women Keep Swallowing For Democrats

Using a slightly vulgar oral sex metaphor, Linda Hirshman takes to Salon today - the National Day of Action against Stupak-Pitts - to rage against female complacency when it comes to using a pocketbook veto on the Democratic Party. » 12/02/09 1:20pm 12/02/09 1:20pm

The Great Emoticon Debate Rages On ;-)

Writes Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams, "Smart people, nay, brilliant ones use emoticons. Articulate, bright, funny people. Yet when I see a smiley, my first thought is, 'What are you, 12 years old?'" :-< » 12/01/09 4:40pm 12/01/09 4:40pm

"I Am Fed Up With Feeling Like A Secondhand Citizen To Gadgets!"

"My boyfriend's an iPhone addict!" complains one letter-writer to Salon's Cary Tennis. Lady (or gent?): Join the club. [Salon] » 10/16/09 1:20pm 10/16/09 1:20pm

The Great Kate: Jez & The Amazing, Technicolor Dreamblogger

Another day, another amazing guest-blogger. Please welcome writer Kate Harding, proprietress of body-acceptance blog Shapely Prose, and author of/contributor to numerous books, including Lessons from the Fat-o-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce With Your Body and Yes Means Yes. » 9/01/09 9:20am 9/01/09 9:20am

One Woman, Two Men, And Salon's Version Of "Modern Love"

Not to be outdone by the Times, Salon has started its very own series of true-love stories. This week: "Louise," who left her husband of 29 years for her high school sweetheart. » 1/26/09 4:20pm 1/26/09 4:20pm

"The Cats Don't Criticize": A Single Writer's Semi-Sad Celibacy

Kit Naylor says she's "55 years old, a spinster long past my sell-by date, no kids — and I haven't had sex in a decade and a half." In her article on Salon, she writes that she could probably score some casual sex, but she wants to be in love — and historically, she's fallen in love with unavailable men. So for the… » 12/09/08 2:00pm 12/09/08 2:00pm

Salon Offers A Last, Well-Put Word On A Week Of Women Writers

"We are mired in a repetitious pattern of hate, jealousy and resentment toward those who are plucked by media powers and come to stand — however inefficiently — for the rest of us in the cultural imagination, securing the top spots, the best exposure, the prime media real estate in exchange for opening veins of… » 5/29/08 1:30pm 5/29/08 1:30pm

Is Seeing Prostitutes A Deal Breaker?

So, Eliot Spitzer, huh? As most know by now, the muckraking, ethically-superior New York Governor is said to have been "involved" in a prostitution ring. There were federal wiretaps at play, and the sexual congress took place at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on the day before Valentines'. In light of Spitzer's… » 3/10/08 4:30pm 3/10/08 4:30pm

Today an unhappy wife writes in to Cary Tennis's advice column on Salon, seeking counsel because her husband keeps yelling at her when they go skiing together. "My husband cannot understand why I won't go faster, and he gets upset when I ski slowly. He even thinks I ski slowly on purpose. But I cannot go fast, or at… » 2/25/08 2:45pm 2/25/08 2:45pm