Komen CEO Really Sad That Everyone's Mad at Her

Komen CEO Nancy Brinker has again tried her hand at discussing the Planned Parenthood disaster with the media, but this time, rather than appearing live on-air, she's sent a letter in response to a blog post by the Washington Post's Sally Quinn. In her note, Brinker admits that she made mistakes in defunding Planned… » 2/09/12 11:15am 2/09/12 11:15am

Memo To Hillary Clinton: You Should Have Done The Sexism Speech

The Atlantic » 8/12/08 10:00am 8/12/08 10:00am's new issue has out today, focusing on a number of Hillary Clinton insiders' memos and e-mails which paint her campaign at least as dysfunctional as you suspected and probably more so. Even author Joshua Green was amazed at how much paper he was given to wade through, saying "paranoid dysfunction breeds…