Fake Titstimonials: We Asked, You Answered

Today's New York Times Thursday Styles follows up its story about possibly narcissistic kids with one about narcissistic women, or rather, how breast implants, unlike diamonds, won't last forever. (Yes, we know that not all breast implant recipients are narcissists.) Dr. Linda Huang, a Denver plastic surgeon, charges… » 1/17/08 3:40pm 1/17/08 3:40pm

Heidi Montag Explains What It's Really Like Having Breast Implants

There is much we didn't know about Heidi Montag that we learned in the February Maxim (i.e. this re her album "I'm taking my time to make sure it's a classic....I want to be like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder — all the greats.") But the most interesting revelation was surely this quote, re how breast… » 1/14/08 1:30pm 1/14/08 1:30pm