Duck Dynasty Scion Sadie Roberston Praises HIM for Her Rumba

On Tuesday night, Sadie Robertson (of the Duck Dynasty Robertsons) performed a pretty impressive rumba on Dancing with the Stars. But first, she took some time to thank the man upstairs, posting on Instagram: "ALL glory to God for this amazing journey." That amazing journey being, of course, her participation in … » 10/22/14 1:50pm 10/22/14 1:50pm

"How Do I Express My Joy At My Principal's Death?"

Today, Obit's Judy answers the plea of a teen who just wants to shout for joy now that a mean school principal is dead. Judy's advice was way too reasonable, so we asked a bunch of random dead people! » 1/20/10 5:00pm 1/20/10 5:00pm