Abused Afghan Girl Speaks, Wants Her Horrid In-Laws Jailed

Sahar Gul was so horrifically abused that two weeks after she was rescued from her in-laws' basement, photos of her injuries are still hard to look at. The 15-year-old's hair and fingernails are missing, her face is swollen, and she looks weak and malnourished. Yet, her husband's parents and his sister, who've been… »1/09/12 12:20pm1/09/12 12:20pm


Afghan Girl Escaped Months Ago, But Was Sent Back To Torturers

Afghan officials claimed to be shocked and appalled like the rest of the world when they learned that 15-year-old Sahar Gul was held in her in-laws' basement for the past seven months while they starved and tortured her. However, sources now say that Gul actually managed to escape the house at one point, but she was… »1/03/12 10:32pm1/03/12 10:32pm