Solicitations: Help Me Choose A Holiday Party Outfit

A few months ago, with your help, I successfully met the parents. You'd think that would be the end of such sartorial stresses, but no: on the strength of this, I have been invited to my fiancé's family's annual huge holiday party, where I will meet his sisters, all his parents' friends, various exes, and basically… » 12/09/08 5:40pm 12/09/08 5:40pm

Solicitations: Help Me Choose A Meet The Parents Outfit

I am not usually given to last-minute outfit neuroses. But then, I am not normally given to meeting future in-laws either. Tomorrow we're having brunch, then walking across Central Park, then going to the Metropolitan Museum, then hopefully dispersing for a nap or something, then meeting up with my folks for dinner at… » 9/12/08 5:20pm 9/12/08 5:20pm