God Thinks You Could Stand to Lose a Few Pounds

Have you ever thought about whether God thinks you're fat? Well, maybe you should start. At least that's what Pastor Rick Warren — bestselling author and pastor at one of the largest megachurches in the nation — thinks. He's got a new diet plan that he's pulled from scripture, and he's poised to lead his whole… » 1/25/12 11:20am 1/25/12 11:20am

Don't Underestimate Those Under-The-Radar Anti-Choice Advocates

Though Sarah Palin's anti-choice rhetoric became more aggressive » 11/04/08 2:20pm 11/04/08 2:20pm in the final weeks of the campaign, notices that choice was a largely in the Presidential election (on the ). Of course many people — Sarah Palin included — know that people don't want to hear about the sanctity of life when they're worried about the…