This First Grader's Spelling Worksheet Will Both Scar and Amuse You

I like kids, but one of the biggest challenges I can envision having when I adopt some tiny Marklings of my own (those will be their names and they will have numbers also) is that that they'll come home with an assignment that looks just like this one, with a mistake that turns an innocent word into a mortifying… »8/27/14 12:04am8/27/14 12:04am

Charter School Ad Mistakenly Asks Readers If They’re Interested in ‘Pubic Charter Schools’

If you're a grammarian, a self-styled "grammar nerd," a teacher who has read over the course of your career one too many student essays with "yours" masquerading as "you'res," or your (good — you're paying attention!) one of the many helpful do-gooders who've pointed out in the past that we on these imaginary digital… »12/12/12 10:25pm12/12/12 10:25pm

Idiot Vandals Paint the Word ‘Bicth’ on Woman’s Car

A woman in York City, Penn. found some unpleasant, albeit hilarious, graffiti stenciled all over her SUV, including the word "bicth," as in the non-idiot word "bitch," in white paint on the the driver's side door. Even though it might seem a little difficult to make a careless spelling error when you're moving at the… »9/18/12 4:30pm9/18/12 4:30pm

Mitt Romney Campaign Loves Ronald Reagan So Much that they Misspelled His Name

This first time the Romney campaign misspelled something important ("Amercia"), I chalked it up to an embarrassing (hilarious) oversight by some poor intern who was probably fired afterward and ran home crying to his McMansion in the outskirts of Provo. The second time the campaign released something flashy and… »6/07/12 1:20pm6/07/12 1:20pm

Starbucks Marks the Opening of Its First Fancy Juice Bar With an Unfortunate Typo

We first learned about Starbucks's plan for World Juice Domination back in November when they purchased juice company Evolution Fresh. Now, lo these many months later, the first Evolution Fresh store has opened in Bellevue, Washington, and, well, it sort of looks like what you'd get if a Whole Foods and a Starbucks… »3/19/12 9:00pm3/19/12 9:00pm

Girl Genius: Meet the Amazing 6-Year-Old Who's Headed to National Spelling Bee

What were you doing when you were six? Learning to spell words like "train" and "family"? Well, can you spell "underachiever"? You can if you're Lori Anne Madison, a six-year-old from Woodbridge, Virginia who is on her way to the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. Madison, who is believed to be the youngest… »3/13/12 11:55pm3/13/12 11:55pm

Bad Spellers Of The World, Untie! Unite! And Then Blame Your DNA

We all have our trap words: for some, it's "immediately," for others, "definitely," and for yours truly, as some of you may have seen before I've jumped back into the editing tool to fix it, the word "judgment" is a tricky one, as well. Even the best spellers get tripped up sometimes, and even exceptionally… »10/25/08 2:00pm10/25/08 2:00pm