20 Teens Charged In Sexting 'Trading Card' Probe at New Jersey Schools

20 male students at New Jersey high and middle schools have been charged with invasion of privacy after police discovered that the teens (and one 18-year-old who’s been charged as an adult) have been passing around naked pictures of female students, using the photos as a trading card game which at least one parent… » 5/27/15 1:10pm 5/27/15 1:10pm

Hang On -- Does Anyone Actually Enjoy Sexting?

Young Americans are widely presumed to be sexting constantly — in class, at home, on a plane, on a train, while eating green eggs and ham. But, according to a new study, not all those dirty messages are sent out of an overabundance of hormones. Turns out there are a lot of unenthusiastic sexters out there. » 12/31/13 10:25am 12/31/13 10:25am