Relatively Inoffensive Ryanair Ads Banned for Being Offensive

Two ads for the airline Ryanair have been banned in the UK, on the grounds that their pictures of Ryanair employees in their underwear are offensive. Given how much worse shit exists out there, though, the decision is a little surprising. » 2/15/12 12:40pm 2/15/12 12:40pm

Ready For Takeoff

Cheap Irish airline, Ryanair » 10/13/08 12:40pm 10/13/08 12:40pm, has called Sweden's Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK) "old farts" and "anti-funsters" after the ERK condemned a sexist Ryanair ad featuring a scantily-clad schoolgirl. Ryanair defends its ad against sexist charges by saying it "reflects reality" and that "young…


This ad for Ryanair was pulled for breaking some sort of decency standards set by the advertising standards body in the U.K. This ad. Advertising watchdog people, will you please come over here and have a talking-to with American Apparel? Just leave IO Digital Cable alone. [WSJ] » 3/14/08 4:40pm 3/14/08 4:40pm