Five Plus-Size Models To Watch

With models like Crystal "Vogue Paris" Renn becoming true crossover stars, and agents like Gary Dakin of Ford+ reporting so much demand that he turns work down, it seems like the fashion industry is finally starting to recognize the beauty of bodies that aren't runway-sample-sized. Here are five plus-size models we think … » 2/11/11 2:35pm 2/11/11 2:35pm

Fashion Week Diversity By The Numbers

In September of 2007, it was reported that of all the 101 shows that took place during New York fashion week, one third employed zero models of color. Since then, we've tried to track diversity on the runway every season. » 9/24/10 2:47pm 9/24/10 2:47pm

Vogue's Multi-Model May Cover Leaks

"Fashion magazine with models on its cover" should be a flippin tautology, but the infrequency with which clotheshorses grace the front of American Vogue meant that its May issue was hotly anticipated. Well, it's here. » 4/13/09 9:30am 4/13/09 9:30am

"Why Karlie Kloss And Not Me?" (And Other Pretty Little Headscratchers)

Don't get us wrong, our anonymous model Tatiana has had a busy couple weeks. (Europe! Magazine photo shoots! The private satisfaction of being anonymously "famous" on the internet!) But in a business where nothing is real (except hunger pangs) she sometimes finds herself pondering the age-old question, how IS it that… » 2/28/08 4:40pm 2/28/08 4:40pm