Dior Haute Couture, for the Gamine Garden Party Girl in You

It's Haute Couture week in Paris, and yesterday's Dior Haute Couture presentation for Spring/Summer 2013 — designed by Raf Simons — was chock full of the kind of exquisite hand-stitched floral gowns you might expect. But there were also some surprises: Jolts of neon, rhinestone-studded lips, asymmetrical hemlines.… »1/22/13 12:00pm1/22/13 12:00pm


'Grey Ant' Less Offensive, More Intricately Nuanced, Than "Gray Rape"

Fashionista described the styles of Grey Ant, which held a much-buzzed "indie" show Tuesday, as "if the apocalypse were a party"; to me, it looked like, "a pool party where all the guests decided that, instead of not eating an hour before getting into the water, they would fast a month before getting into the water,… »9/06/07 2:40pm9/06/07 2:40pm