Do You Have 'Wife Material' Written All Over Your Face? Ask Science!

Monogamy is like being duct-taped inside a full Barney costume. Maybe you put in on because you wanted to, and the costume is cozy and warm in the winter months, but then the summer comes and suddenly you're so hot, and you miss your peripheral vision, and GAGGGGHHHH, get me out of this fucking goddamn Barney! »6/23/13 10:30pm6/23/13 10:30pm

Progressive Lady-Fish Think It's Totally Hot That You're Bi

Ugh, mating season. So much pressure to deposit your sperms in the fittest female's genital opening, amirite?!?!? Are you a dude-fish having no luck with the fly honeys in your area? Well, it might be because you're focusing too much on the ladies, and not enough on nipping erotically at the gennies of your bros.… »12/13/12 12:55pm12/13/12 12:55pm