A Hilariously Terrible Music Video That Will Change You Forever

Have a problem with your man staring too long at other ladies? Why not institute the "Three Second Rule," as explained in this helpful song from "artist" Lisa Gail. There are a million reasons why this song (and the Three Second Rule, for that matter) are a terrible idea, and yet somehow this video is pure magic.… »4/19/12 11:55pm4/19/12 11:55pm

Canada Screws Up Royally and Refuses to Let Transgender People Fly

Well, so much for our neighbors to the north being a paragon of politeness and acceptance. There's been a disturbing change made to Canadian airport security screening rules which means that now transgender people are not allowed to board airplanes in the country. That is obviously hugely problematic and insane for… »1/30/12 9:45pm1/30/12 9:45pm