Room is a Horror Film About Growing Up

I saw Room in the Paris Theater in Midtown Manhattan; it played to a packed audience of boistrous industry types. Everyone was distracted and distractable until the lights went down, after which we spent two hours together in rapt silence. Nobody chatted, but almost everyone cried; a woman directly behind me spent… »10/19/15 11:00am10/19/15 11:00am


Is Brie Larson the New, Lower-Key Jennifer Lawrence? 

Lest I be accused of pitting women against one another, just know, I really don’t care about your opinion. Also, these two actresses are both blonde-ish, tall, white, and immensely talented, so the comparison really isn’t much of a stretch. Why point out this parallel now? Lawrence, of course, is best known for her… »10/11/15 10:20pm10/11/15 10:20pm

Watch Out, There's Microscopic Poop All Over Your Hotel Room

Did you travel somewhere this weekend and stay in a hotel? Well, here's hoping you didn't touch anything while you were there-like even lay down in the bed-because it turns out hotel rooms are fucking disgusting, and there are a few spots in the room that might seem like they'd be safe but actually are totally gross,… »6/17/12 11:55pm6/17/12 11:55pm