Watch Out, There's Microscopic Poop All Over Your Hotel Room

Did you travel somewhere this weekend and stay in a hotel? Well, here's hoping you didn't touch anything while you were there-like even lay down in the bed-because it turns out hotel rooms are fucking disgusting, and there are a few spots in the room that might seem like they'd be safe but actually are totally gross,… » 6/17/12 11:55pm 6/17/12 11:55pm

Greenhouses Purport to Be Room of One’s Own for Wealthy, Indolent Women

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal asked a question that the current leisure class of baby boomer pensioners is apparently fixated on: in the greenhouse, do women finally have an spouse-free space equivalent to the man cave? You're goddamn right they do. » 3/11/12 5:50pm 3/11/12 5:50pm