Catfish Lite: Don't Pretend You've Never Lied Online

Lately, the concept of "catfishing" — luring someone into an online relationship by pretending to be someone that you're not — has been surrounded by its fair share of controversy, but how controversial is it in actuality? Believe it or not, a little controlled catfishing is something that plenty of the Instant… »1/30/13 7:00pm1/30/13 7:00pm

Woman Whose Photos Were Used To Create "Lennay Kekua" Understandably Flees Social Media

The epic catfishing of Manti Te'o continues to befuddle the nation. 23-year-old Los Angeles woman Diane O'Meara, whose photographs were now infamously appropriated by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo as an avatar for the nonexistent "Lennay Kekua," wrote a piece in the L.A. Times where she basically just does this. And who can… »1/26/13 6:00pm1/26/13 6:00pm