Apparently Someone Died and Made Rick Santorum Pope

Did you know that when Rick Santorum lost the Republican primary this spring, he became Pope of America? It's a little known clause in the Constitution that allows any crazy person who runs for President and wins at least one primary to declare themselves King of something as a consolation prize. Rick Santorum has… »8/16/12 6:40pm8/16/12 6:40pm

Michele Bachmann Still Around, Endorses Mitt Romney

Minnesota Congresswoman/America's Pretty Hate Machine Michele Bachmann is finally biting the bullet and endorsing her former rival Mitt Romney for President. Romney fans hope that this will bring Bachmann's merry band of people who hate taxes and gays to his side. But can an endorsement erase months of Romney-bashing… »5/03/12 11:55am5/03/12 11:55am