The Betsey Johnson-Anna Nicole Makeout Session Is A Bad Mental Image

  • We love Betsey Johnson, but we're kind of weirded out by the revelation that she made out with Anna Nicole Smith, like on a Monday in 10th Grade when you hear about some really random hookup from a party over the weekend. "She was wearing one of those dotted net see-through things with roses on her bullet bra…
  • » 8/20/08 11:30am 8/20/08 11:30am

Kate Middleton Says Goodbye To That Rag Trade

  • Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has quit her job as a buyer for British chain Jigsaw. The Brits think this means there's an engagement on the horizon! We think, uh, Middleton probably realized that, um, once you have dated Prince William your connections can probably land you a job in an industry slightly
  • » 11/09/07 10:00am 11/09/07 10:00am

Sales Clerks At Fancy Stores: What Is Up Their Butts Anyway?

Americans are purchasing luxury goods at the lowest rate in three whole years, and luxury goods stores are fighting back with a sophisticated new method to determine whether customers are enjoying their shopping experiences, reports today's Wall Street Journal. The method is called "facial coding," and it involves… » 11/01/07 4:30pm 11/01/07 4:30pm