Jay-Z's Clothing Company Laid Off Half Its Staff for 'Economic' Reasons

We've all been so busy buzzing about the birth of Blue Ivy Carter that we didn't notice some less joyful news out of the Jay-Z camp. His company Rocawear recently laid off more than half of its staff. To make matters worse, the timing of the firings was especially poor. »1/17/12 8:00pm1/17/12 8:00pm

Speaking of , earlier today the UK tabloid…


Sofia Coppola To Design For Vuitton (We're Sure She's Earned It)

  • Sofia Coppola for some reason to design shoes and bags for Louis Vuitton. "It is understood the products will be sold worldwide and launched in Japan." Will she distract us from the crappy-looking shoes with a cool soundtrack? [WWD]
  • Kate Moss: The Movie. Maybe. [Graziavia The Cut]
  • Usher launches lingerie line. “Comfort…
  • »10/01/08 11:30am10/01/08 11:30am

Sofia Coppola's Clothing Line "Milkfed" Still Producing!

  • Remember how, before Sofia Coppola was a fashion icon and Marc Jacobs muse and celebrity spokesmodel for numerous fashion labels, she actually worked in fashion and had her own clothing line? Yeah, well the clothing line actually still exists, in Japan. [Sassybella]
  • Also, Marc Jacobs' new fragrance Daisy has its own…
  • »11/05/07 10:00am11/05/07 10:00am