Robin Givhan’s New Book: A Night Fashion Stumbled Into Racial Progress

American conversations on race tend to cluster around singular events: The Emancipation Proclamation, Brown vs. The Board of Education, the election of Barack Obama. They become historical signposts used to demonstrate how race—here black vs. white—has progressed in the country. Robin Givhan’s book The Battle of… »4/21/15 4:30pm4/21/15 4:30pm


Tyra Banks Is Now A New York Times Best-Selling Author

Tyra Banks' YA novel Modelland just débuted at number 2 on the New York Times' best-seller list, children's chapter books section. You can read an excerpt — this is the story with the protagonist named Tookie De La Creme, remember — here. [NewNowNext] »10/10/11 12:55pm10/10/11 12:55pm

nabbed the cover of Australian 's November issue (cover line:…

Mean Audience Snickers At Victoria Beckham's Fashion Show

  • At Victoria Beckham's recent runway show in New York, the audience of "fashion mean girls" were openly hostile to the designer, who stood up and talked about each dress in the show as the models walked. (Who does Beckham think she is, a couturière in the '50s or something?) Reports Robin Givhan, "There were muffled…
  • »2/15/11 1:58pm2/15/11 1:58pm