Robin Givens Has Been in Janay Rice's Shoes

20 years ago, Robin Givens was carried out of a hotel after being knocked unconscious by her ex-husband Mike Tyson. Givens, an actress and longtime anti-domestic violence activist says social media makes it a bit easier for abuse victims to be believed nowadays — it was impossible to miss the video of Ray Rice… » 9/12/14 12:20pm 9/12/14 12:20pm

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Orange Alert: The "Celebrity Orange Carpet" Not Quite Ready For Prime…

The "celebrity orange carpet" at the Miami Dolphins game at Landshark Stadium was about what you'd expect of a color that's not exactly red: kind of weird, and full of peculiar uniforms. Oh, and J.Lo, Fergie and friends. » 1/05/10 10:30am 1/05/10 10:30am

Lindsay Leaves In Tears, Angelina Makes Up Rumors About Jen, And Oprah…

Mike Tyson's Teary Interview With Oprah

On today's Oprah, Mike Tyson discussed Tyson, the documentary chronicling the champion boxer's life. Tyson opened up about the recent death of his 4-year-old daughter, his tumultuous marriage to Robin Givens, his rape conviction, and biting off Evander Holyfield's ear. » 10/12/09 8:00pm 10/12/09 8:00pm

Heidi May (Or May Not) Have Given Birth; Mickey Defends Use Of Gay Slur

Larry King Panelists Discuss Why Domestic Violence Isn't Just A…

Last night Larry King Live guest host Joy Behar moderated a discussion about domestic violence and pointed out that some people are saying Rihanna provoked Chris Brown to attacking her. » 3/11/09 5:00pm 3/11/09 5:00pm

Chris Brown Planning Career Rehab; Caylee Anthony Documents Released

  • Chris Brown's management is reportedly working feverishly on ''Project Mea Culpa.'' Sources say he and Rihanna will co-author a book about abuse and go on talk shows.
» 3/06/09 6:30pm 3/06/09 6:30pm