Thierry Mugler Will Indeed Be Beyonce's Svengali

  • It's official: Thierry Mugler will be costuming Beyonce's tour. "In addition to serving as 'creative adviser,' with input on everything from set lighting to choreography, Mugler will direct three segments of the show, called 'Dangerously in Love,' 'Ave Maria' and the finale. He’ll also costume the production — from…
  • » 12/03/08 11:30am 12/03/08 11:30am

OMG: More Clothes Are Coming From Kate Moss!

  • Kate Moss's fifth collection for Topshop launches today. It's inspired by "travel." Oh, bite me. [Vogue UK]
  • Spanx bras — to flatten your back fat, of course — in stores now! [WWD, sub req'd]
  • You will be so proud of Eva Mendes! She overcame that whole nasty rehab debacle to be chosen as the face of Calvin Klein…
  • » 3/17/08 12:30pm 3/17/08 12:30pm

Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious Is "Pussylicious"

Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin is putting together another pop girl group to be called Girlicious. A 10-episode, elimination-based reality show — which premieres tonight on the CW — will document the journey of what exactly it takes to manufacture an image that represents inorganic music. It's basically a… » 2/18/08 3:40pm 2/18/08 3:40pm