Ker-Plink, Ker-Plank, Ker-Plunk!

Hooray! After a year of legal wrangling between the author's estate and the publisher, Robert McCloskey's classic 1948 children's book Blueberries For Sal is back in print, to the relief of bears everywhere. [PW] » 4/13/09 11:40am 4/13/09 11:40am

Summer Blues

We were excited to know we aren't the only ones with fond memories of Robert McCloskey's classic 1948 picture book Blueberries For Sal » 8/29/08 12:40pm 8/29/08 12:40pm; the charming blog "" devotes an entry to the story of a girl, a baby bear and blueberries going "kerplunk!" - a hit with the author's little daughter. (For those of you in Maine, in…