Watch Girl Scouts Steal Obama's Heart at the White House Science Fair

It's the most adorable time of the year: the White House Science Fair, when the nation gets to watch President Obama interact with charming, science-minded children. » 3/24/15 4:15pm 3/24/15 4:15pm

Is Reese Witherspoon's Mom a Bot or Just at Peak Mom?

"Aww thanks Mom for all the words of encouragement," wrote Reese Witherspoon on Instagram the day after she did not win a Golden Globe for her role in Wild. Inquiring minds would like to know: Is Reese Witherspoon's mother just in the stage of excessive excitement after recently discovering emojis or is she actually a… » 1/12/15 8:35pm 1/12/15 8:35pm

John Oliver Demonstrates Why Customer Service Robots Will Never Work

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and with it, questionable business innovations. For instance! Hardware store Lowe's is testing customer service robotsat one of its California outposts. What, because everybody just LOVED automated answering systems? » 11/03/14 9:30am 11/03/14 9:30am

This Robot Maximizes Your Chance of Finding Love on Tinder

Tinder is a great way to find hookups romance near you, but it still relies on you and your potential partner finding each other mutually attractive. Since you can't always rely on that, why not boost your odds—say, with a robotic finger that can "like" up to 900 Tinderers per hour? » 9/07/14 5:35pm 9/07/14 5:35pm

Let's Hope This Robot Cyclops Vacuum Renders Housework Unnecessary

It only took them 16 years but Dyson has created a Roomba competitor. It promises "the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum" and comes equipped with 360-degree camera to help navigate. You know it's futuristic because they used a man with a British accent to narrate the demo video. » 9/04/14 3:00pm 9/04/14 3:00pm

Now People Are Using Drones to Photograph Their Weddings

You know the old saying: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, some kind of tentacled flying robot hovering above your wedding and watching you from its single hellish black eye." » 8/04/14 5:40pm 8/04/14 5:40pm

Sex Writer Convinces Husband to Get a Robot Blowjob

Sex writers, on the surface, seem to have a great life. They write about the best, most pleasurable topic in human existence and seem to have an all around good time in the process. Not only that, but sometimes they get cool free shit to test out (vibrators, dildos, etc.) Then sometimes they have to ask their spouses… » 7/17/14 12:20pm 7/17/14 12:20pm

In Transformers 4, Michael Bay Urges You To Smash The Patriarchy

The new Transformers movie expertly duplicates the experience of taking an endless road trip with your father, who refuses to see you as a separate person and who is also quietly falling apart. It's dull, horrifying and miserable. But after nine hours, you realize you're seeing the failure of patriarchy, in miniature. » 6/27/14 5:59pm 6/27/14 5:59pm

Japanese Scientists Unveil Terrifying Robot Women

In Tokyo, two robotic terrors have just slithered their way out of the uncanny valley in order to demonstrate just how unsettlingly almost humanlike they are. According to reports, their levels of "unsettling almost humanlike-ness" is "extremely high." » 6/24/14 4:30pm 6/24/14 4:30pm

Scientists Have Created Spermlike Robots Called MagnetoSperm

The weird little tail-whip motion that sperm use to get to their Holy Grail has been co-opted by scientists for use in miniature robots. » 6/03/14 2:20pm 6/03/14 2:20pm

Fast Food Companies Would Rather Hire Robots Than Give Raises

The fast food industry has a solution to the rising demand to raise worker salaries. They'll simply develop advanced technology to replace them. That's right—robot fast food workers are coming. AI or GTFO. » 5/27/14 8:41pm 5/27/14 8:41pm

1 in 5 People Would Bang It Out with a Robot

A recent survey of 2,000 people by Middlesex University found that 1 in 5 members of the British public would willingly have sex with a robot, which means that 4 in 5 members of the British public are liars who would also have sex with a robot. » 5/09/14 7:20pm 5/09/14 7:20pm

One-Third of British People Are Terrified of Our New Robot Overlords

The poor people of Great Britain, who once conquered nations and ruled an empire of millions, now find themselves quaking in fear over a very real and terrifying threat—robots. » 5/06/14 10:41pm 5/06/14 10:41pm

​How Robot 'Sex' Can Help Us Understand Gender in Mating Strategies

Alright, I'm going to be honest—the robot sex we're about to talk about isn't the sexy Jude Law from AI Artificial Intelligence type. Nope, it's the type of robot sex that helps us learn about certain reproductive behaviors in animals. » 4/27/14 3:46pm 4/27/14 3:46pm

Got a Weird Facial Expression? There's a Robot for That.

No need to be weirded out by video conference meetings, Skype or FaceTime anymore guys, there’s a robot for that. The Socibot will translate the faces you’d make in person, just, you know, on a robot. » 4/11/14 6:45pm 4/11/14 6:45pm

Everyone Names Their Roomba. What Would You Name Yours?

Roombas have given humanity so much—clean floors, kitten transportation, wonderful GIFs. But how can the grateful owners of the world reward they? Roombas care not for trinkets. So, apparently, the vast majority of people give them names. » 3/24/14 3:30pm 3/24/14 3:30pm

Woman Solves Traffic Problems In The Congo With A Giant Robot

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, isn't a great destination for orderly-traffic fetishists. Generally, it's chaos. But, if you happen to be a much more exciting giant robot fetishist, it's a great place, all thanks to inventor Isaie Therese and her 8-foot tall traffic control robots. » 2/06/14 9:27pm 2/06/14 9:27pm

I Love These Robots Covering Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"

People. I have consistently warned you about the impending takeover of our society by our robot overlords. This is not a joke. They are coming. » 1/06/14 9:30pm 1/06/14 9:30pm

Lady Robot Telemarketer Is So Real She Won't Even Admit She's a Robot

Forget your dreams of a non-robot overlord filled future, because shit just got real. A couple of TIME reporters stumbled upon a telemarketing robot who is apparently designed so well, it actually knows how to lie and tell people it's a real person. » 12/16/13 11:30am 12/16/13 11:30am