The End Of The Conventions: What I Forgot To Mention During the RNC

So, speeches are over, the balloons have dropped, the Republicans have abandoned Minneapolis-St. Paul with almost as much alacrity as they once did New Orleans and it's time for another listicle of shit I wish I'd found a reason to write about before now.
  1. That protester that was above my head during McCain's speech
  2. »9/06/08 3:00pm9/06/08 3:00pm


We Laughed, We Cried, We Threw Things At The Television: The Conventions And Commentary

I'm sitting here in the Minneapolis Airport, having a beer (or two) and catching up on all the many, many, many comments I missed this week because my internet connection was tenuous at best and instead of reading you guys, I went drinking. So, this afternoon, I decided to combine the two activities I did the most… »9/05/08 6:00pm9/05/08 6:00pm

Hey Carly Fiorina, Who Exactly Is Holding My Uterus Hostage?

Last weekend, McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina told women »9/04/08 6:30pm9/04/08 6:30pm to stop allowing the Democrats to win their votes on the issue of abortion, saying, "The Democratic Party has done a disservice to women by trying to hold women hostage to the issue of Roe v. Wade." In Carly's world view (and ), the issue is the economy, not…
Dear McCain Handlers, Please let Roberta McCain talk to reporters again.
Dear McCain Handlers, Please let Roberta McCain talk to reporters »9/04/08 1:45pm9/04/08 1:45pm again. Not because she'll lose her son the Presidency — we think he might be able to do that himself — but because the campaign is more fun for everyone, including your candidate, when it's not all scripted and boring. It'll totally fit with your meme…

Conventional Crap: Vice-Presidential Viagra? Palin Stiffens The Dick Of The RNC

This conventioneering thing is almost done, and, sadly, so am I. Despite the barn burning, roof-raising, political cock-stiffening speech that Alaska governor Sarah Palin gave at the Republican convention last night, I am still tired (and slightly late to my own crappy party) this morning. Luckily, HuffPo blogger Jason »9/04/08 10:00am9/04/08 10:00am

Liveblogging Rudy Giuliani, Ferret-Hater Extraordinaire

The bitch is back, baby! The Secret Service has cleared all ferrets from a 10 block radius, the word "9/11" waits for its opportunity to shine and somewhere, Judith Nathan lies in wait to sink her claws back into her sugar daddy. Or mommy, whatever. 10:27 ET: »9/03/08 10:00pm9/03/08 10:00pm And he's out. Rudy talks sexism. The crowd cheers. Obama…

Liveblogging The Businesswomen Of The RNC: Meg Whitman And Carly Fiorina

The start of Ladies' Night at the RNC is here, and it's a CEO sideshow, with former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina speaking right off the bat to a half-empty convention center. I'm one of 3 people paying attention to the speeches, if the loud conversations and lack of working reporters are any… »9/03/08 8:20pm9/03/08 8:20pm

Greta Van Susteren On The Empowering Nature Of Apathy

Greta Van Susteren is one of Fox News' anchors and even after I kvelled all over Bill Hemmer last week, she was still willing to sit down for an interview. So I trekked over to the Fox News tent at the RNC yesterday to talk to Greta about all the gender issues going on in politics and the media. I was going to ask how… »9/03/08 6:00pm9/03/08 6:00pm

Sarah Palin: Feminist? Victim Of Sexist Smears? Or All Or None Of The Above?

Sarah Palin stands in opposition to most of the policies promoted by the average feminist — in particular, reproductive choice. Some conservative pundits have taken to calling her a feminist »9/03/08 3:30pm9/03/08 3:30pm (not that we should allow Rush Limbaugh to start deciding who is and who isn't a feminist). But it does bring up an interesting…
Phyllis Schafly, she who led the fight to make sure that the rest of American womanity wouldn't have
Phyllis Schafly, she who led the fight to make sure that the rest of American womanity wouldn't have the benefits of a constitutional amendment giving us equal rights, has her granny panties all in a bunch »9/03/08 10:45am9/03/08 10:45am because the McCain campaign canceled a scheduled appearance by Sarah Palin at Schafly's event yestserday.…

Conventional Crap: Joe Lieberman Is Made-Up But Not Imaginary

Another endless day that starts in Crap dawns in St. Paul, but luckily my soon-to-be-embedded friend Spencer »9/03/08 10:00am9/03/08 10:00am is (virtually) here to help understand why some GOP makeup artist slathered Joe Lieberman in this much pancake foundation and — worse — how I spent 20 minutes staring at his ass instead of his made-up mug.…

Conventional Crap: The Protests Are On And Randy Scheunemann Is Worse Than You Think

The thing about living in Washington is that you run into famous-for-DC people all the time because it's a relatively small place and everyone goes to the same 10 restaurants for work functions. Between that and being a lobbyist, I've met a lot of Republicans, big and small, and rarely are they ever less than… »9/02/08 10:00am9/02/08 10:00am

Conventional Crap: The Sun Is Already Setting On The RNC

The Republican National Convention hasn't even officially started and already it's being scaled back due to Republicans not wanting to look like insensitive assholes (again) when a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast. In the absence of hangovers, parties or Madonna concerts to discuss this week, Kay Steiger »9/01/08 10:00am9/01/08 10:00am of (still…