So Hipsters Aren't the Economic Boon Some Urbanists Thought They'd Be

Remember how the creative class of writers, artists, urban cheesemongers, professional tricyclists, novelty button manufacturers, food truckers, and artisan mustache-growers was supposed to supplant crumbling blue collar industries in economically stagnant cities? Remember? Well, according to Richard Florida, the… » 3/20/13 6:25pm 3/20/13 6:25pm

A Statistical Guide To Why You're Not Getting Laid

Where should the quarter million excess single women of New York move when they finally figure out how to get a job elsewhere? Richard Florida, the overrated sociologist or pop economist or whatever who wrote the Rise of the Creative Class — an academic treatise on gays and how they make cities more fun to live in,… » 4/02/08 12:00pm 4/02/08 12:00pm