Locke & Linus Team Up For New J.J. Abrams Show

NBC has confirmed it has picked up the rights for a new J.J. Abrams show—described as a comedic drama—starring Lost's Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Michael Emerson (Linus) as ex-black-ops agents, with the working title Odd Jobs. » 9/23/10 4:44pm 9/23/10 4:44pm

Which Band Would You Like To See Reunite?

After a 12-year-hiatus, Chris Cornell has announced that Soundgarden is back together and getting ready to hit the studio. Any other bands/original lineups you'd like to see get back together? My vote goes to Nina and Louise, seen here. [EW] » 1/02/10 4:00pm 1/02/10 4:00pm