Facebook Stalking: Isn't It Romantic?

Remember that guy you made out with one summer at camp? Good Morning America thinks he may be your soulmate. The clip at left exposes the new "retrosexual" trend, in which people date past loves after finding them on Facebook. » 9/22/09 12:20pm 9/22/09 12:20pm

1950s Sex Education Was Neither Educational Or About Sex

This clip is from a 1950s sex education film that isn't meant to teach anyone about hair growing in strange places, waking up to wet sheets, or blood coming out of your body from the opening between your legs.It seems like it was meant to teach parents about the weird changes their teens will be going through but it… » 5/22/08 7:00pm 5/22/08 7:00pm

Former Sassy Scribe Margie Ingall Loves Dudes With "A Butt Rug"

Got a hairy man fetish? You're not alone! Sassy vet Marjorie Ingall goes on for almost 1,300 words about her love for "men with hair. And not just a tasteful little patch, dead-center, either: I like a full-on chestal pelt, hirsute arms, be-furred legs, even a butt rug." (Butt rug is officially my new favorite… » 11/09/07 5:30pm 11/09/07 5:30pm