When a Bar Full of Women Was a Nightmarish Dystopia

Harry Grant Dart had quite an eye for the future. The early 20th century illustrator imagined women driving flying machines, the airmail of the future dropping from the sky, and even a world of robot butlers long before the word robot had even been coined. But one of Dart's illustrations from 1908 was perhaps the most… »2/03/14 4:50pm2/03/14 4:50pm


Marilyn Monroe Assembled Drones During World War II

It seems every six months or so these photos of Marilyn Monroe from World War II make the rounds on the good ol' internet machine. At the time they were captured in 1944 she hadn't yet taken the name Marilyn Monroe, nor had she dyed her curly locks blonde. She was simply known as Norma Jeane Dougherty and worked in a… »7/26/13 12:33pm7/26/13 12:33pm

Exploitation Feminism: "Break One Of Our Rules, And You Won't Live To Regret It"

Today, Susie Bright's blog turned us onto The Female Bunch, a scare film from 1969 warning people about the dangerous influences of feminism by "turning women's lib into a menacing reality." LOL! Apparently, that reality is much like an old western movie, where women band together, ride horses, alternately fuck and… »5/22/08 1:30pm5/22/08 1:30pm