Men Consume, Women Are Consumed: 15 Thoughts on the Stigma of Sex Work

Last week, federal agents arrested the founder and five staffers of male escort site Two days later, GQ published “The Real Life of a Sugar Daddy,” a feature on’s buyers and sellers of sex. Here, Charlotte Shane, who’s been a sex worker for 11 years and a writer under this name for… »9/01/15 2:15pm9/01/15 2:15pm


Another Totally Not Gay Republican Can't Figure Out Who Took All Those Gay Pictures of Him

A male escort is claiming that he had a sexual encounter with Chris Myers, the Republican mayor of Medford, New Jersey, and he's offering photos as proof. The mayor vehemently denies the allegations, but can't explain how in tarnation that gay male escort got hold of pictures of a guy who looks kind of exactly like… »10/21/11 4:45pm10/21/11 4:45pm