Good Students Keep a More Intense Eye On Partners’ Facebook Walls

A study out of Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia has discovered a link between Facebook-stalking "romantic jealousy" and GPA. The participants, students who ranged in academic achievement, were asked to envision their responses to scenarios such as seeing a post on their signficant other's wall (from a member of the… » 7/07/13 11:30pm 7/07/13 11:30pm

Why Is It Okay to Ask Me Why I'm Single?

I'm a single 32-year-old woman with no kids. I'm going to pause for a second to let that sink in, and to let you think about the images and feelings that spring to mind when you hear that phrase. Pop culture would tell us that I am either: Standing in a leopard print dress at a bar saying extremely loudly, with a… » 2/02/12 2:00pm 2/02/12 2:00pm