Why Hitting on a Freshly Rejected Woman Doesn't Work

Have you ever been rejected by a god among men, so you just surveyed the scene and grabbed the next average dude in sight? No? Me either. Luckily, almighty science has finally gotten around to debunking this popular “rebound” wet dream of regular dudes everywhere that I’m pretty sure was never real in the first place,… »5/16/15 4:00pm5/16/15 4:00pm

Why Getting Painfully Rejected in Love Is Awesome and Good For You 

Date, fall in love, or otherwise put yourself out there in this crazy world for long enough, and you will eventually develop some kind of narrative about your romantic behavior: You’re a serial monogamist. A manic pixie dream girl. A ungettable man-eater. An expert on the emotionally unavailable. But what happens when… »4/12/15 4:15pm4/12/15 4:15pm

Mom's Important Message to Boy Who Likes Her Daughter: Stop Trying

"No" is both one of the easiest and hardest things to understand. On one hand, rejection should stop you in your tracks, but on the other, romantic comedies and personal anecdotes suggest that trying harder is the answer. One mom has some words for a boy who won't take her daughter's "no" at face value. »3/10/15 11:15pm3/10/15 11:15pm

Moms and Dads Are Both Equally Capable of Ruining Their Children's Lives

Have you been longing for scientific confirmation of what every adult has figured out in therapy or learned from watching TV? Well, you're in luck. It's now been proven that our parents can fuck us up like almost nothing else can. And it's not just our mothers who mess us up. It turns out our dads are equally… »6/13/12 2:40pm6/13/12 2:40pm