What Would Tinder Look Like in the Real World?

Many of my friends use Tinder and the levels of excitement they achieve just from swiping left (Tinder's proprietary way to reject matches) often borders on glee. What is it about being able to reject a person online, an anonymous person that can bring one so much joy? Is it control? Is it the sneaky sensation of… » 3/15/14 4:15pm 3/15/14 4:15pm

How Nice Does a Woman Have to Be to a Guy She Rejects?

In the world of rejections, I always think of the movie Say Anything: A guy is allowed/expected/culturally celebrated for wooing his ex back with grand gestures. It would be a very different movie if she simply called the police. (If a heartbroken woman holds up a boom box in the rain outside her ex's bedroom, the… » 8/03/13 5:00pm 8/03/13 5:00pm

Moms and Dads Are Both Equally Capable of Ruining Their Children's Lives

Have you been longing for scientific confirmation of what every adult has figured out in therapy or learned from watching TV? Well, you're in luck. It's now been proven that our parents can fuck us up like almost nothing else can. And it's not just our mothers who mess us up. It turns out our dads are equally… » 6/13/12 2:40pm 6/13/12 2:40pm