Elle Writer's Solution To Poverty Is A Superiority Complex

Bliss Broyard's rich friends used to love giving her stuff. At least that's what Broyard, author of One Drop »11/19/08 12:00pm11/19/08 12:00pm, a memoir about her father's lifelong concealment of his black heritage, claims in this month's . 's cover bills the piece as a guide to hanging out with people richer than you — no doubt useful in these lean…

Playing Recession: What'll We Do When The Novelty Wears Off?

It seems some marathon shoppers are learning the difference between "want" and "need." Now that the credit crunch is wreaking havoc with our bank accounts, one-time necessities like new Jimmy Choos getting passed over for last year's model. Says the Wall Street Journal »11/06/08 2:30pm11/06/08 2:30pm's Christina Binkley, "After years of gluttonous…

A Straight-Talk Guide To Sarah Palin's "Fashiongate"

Since the world learned that hypocritical hockey mom heroine Sarah Palin has spent $150 grand of RNC cash at high-end department stores for herself and her family at a crucial point in the campaign — to say nothing of an economic recession — an overwhelming amount of ink, thought and Texas Instruments battery power… »10/23/08 2:00pm10/23/08 2:00pm

Slow Hand: Native American Dresses, Forever21, Kilts, And The Recession

Take a look at what you're wearing right now. Chances are it's not gonna give many clues to your personal history; for my part, Levis, American Apparel tee and a thrift store cardigan mark me as anyone working from home on a Wednesday. In this era of fast fashion, whose sartorial history doesn't go much beyond last… »10/08/08 3:00pm10/08/08 3:00pm