What Do You Want to Have Happen to You After You Die?

This week’s issue of The New Yorker features a lengthy profile by Rebecca Mead on the rise of female morticians, with a special focus on Ask a Mortician’s Caitlin Doughty (whose work has been featured on Jezebel several times). The article—like much of Doughty’s work—got me thinking a lot about what I want to have… »Monday 5:40pm11/23/15 5:40pm


Your Life in Middlemarch: A Live Conversation with Rebecca Mead

Growing up as a bookish, ambitious young woman in England, Rebecca Mead found Middlemarch life-changing: the vitality of its characters, the wisdom of its prose, and the evocation of a "provincial life" that echoed one she knew. She also made a lifelong friend in the remarkable George Eliot, a woman who triumphed… »2/12/14 1:17pm2/12/14 1:17pm

Colossal Weddings Totally Down With Feminist Principles, Totally Wrong At the Same Time

Rebecca Mead is a New Yorker writer who has been making the rounds shilling her new book, One Perfect Day on the "marriage industrial complex" (everything sounds better with "industrial complex" tacked onto it, doesn't it? Sorta makes you pine for the days when American politicians were allowed to critique the… »5/21/07 6:08pm5/21/07 6:08pm