Mike "No Chubbies" Koralchyk: Portrait Of The New American Hyperasshole

Mike Karolchyk owns a place in Denver called the "Anti-gym." (Slogans: "Too chubby, never find a hubby", and "Vanity leads to sanity," and "Have sex with the lights on.") He likes to demean women and smoke a lot of pot. His first gym advertisement featured a model with cum all over her face. The gym itself boasts a… »1/08/08 1:30pm1/08/08 1:30pm


Is Your BMI Low Enough For Michael "No Chubbies" Karolchyk's Co-Ed Sauna?? Oh No!

This is Michael Karolchyk. He owns a gym in Denver that is somewhat atypical. It has numerous slogans, from "Too chubby; Never find a hubby," to "Have Sex With The Lights On" to "Save The Chubbitos" to "No Chubbies." It also has numerous amenities, including "live DJs, cage dancers, and our elite co-ed Ravish Room."… »11/08/07 12:30pm11/08/07 12:30pm